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We develop, design and implement data protection frameworks that go beyond regulatory compliance while complimenting your business needs.

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international laws

More than 107 countries worldwide have unique data protection legislation that requires compliance.



ethical guidelines

Numerous industry specific ethical standards are being developed to set the benchmark of acceptable practice and overall direction of data governance.



self regulating industries

Industries are developing faster than legislation that require more specific rules to be developed by industry leaders.



Our Solutions

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data governance & protection frameworks

Building a framework is essential in any organisation dealing with data. As a minimum standard, regulatory compliance is the benchmark. However our frameworks aim to go beyond. We believe the most successful data companies are those that lead the movement for the highest ethical standards in data governance.

Frameworks are unique to an organisation. They take into account existing values, culture and practices. For this reason we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and develop a bespoke solution that works for them.

training & development

Training and development is often a starting point for organisations venturing into implementation of governance frameworks. Your organisation can choose from a pre-existing series of training modules or work together with us to develop a custom training to suit your needs.

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ad hoc policy development

In this category we offer assistance and consultancy in developing both internal policy and front facing policies i.e. terms of use, privacy policies etc. Where necessary we also work with law firms to ensure compliance with local and cross jurisdiction legal requirements.



Research is creating new knowledge.” - Neil Armstrong.

To stay ahead of the curve we believe that it is critical to continuously advance ourselves and our clients with good research and development. Apart from producing research papers that aim to stimulate discussion in their respective areas, we also enjoy collaboration with teams developing technology that may advance the field of data governance. Feel free to contact us if you wish to contribute or collaborate.

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“the data game came sprinting in, regulators were caught off guard, but they are catching up and those not paying attention will wish they had”

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